Conferences & Virtual Newsroom

Conference FacilitatorOur broadcasting and business experience brings a perfect combination to Conference Facilitation.

We provide dynamic, motivating and informed speakers for conferences and exhibitions.

Our Facilitators encourage delegates to take part which promotes the flow of ideas, innovation and strategic direction.

Our talks make people laugh, think and gain inspiration.  Our facilitation engages with the audience and draws out the very best discussion.

We have many years’ experience in managing debates on radio and TV so have the talent to stimulate audiences, handle the crowd and provide a balanced conclusion.

Just to give you a few examples, our trainers have run courses at ‘closed pharma’ events and we have been the onsite Press Office at a large European health Conference in Dublin.

We chaired a debate for Robertson Cooper at its conference in London.

Conference Break out sessions and Workshops:

We have also run break-out sessions at conferences in the UK and mainland Europe with workshops about interview tips, presentation skills, PR, Press Releases and Key Messages. These are always very popular and delegates find them helpful and enjoyable.

Virtual Newsroom

Our virtual newsroom has been very useful at conferences across Europe and we would be happy to go further afield. This is how it works.  Put simply we are there to record audio and/or video.  We then edit it, FAST, and upload it to a chosen website for journalists around the world to access.  Think about it.  Quality material from your conference, for ALL journalists wherever they are.  If you cant bring the journalist to the conference, take the conference to the journalist!  It is simple but it works.

We can interview a key speaker from, say, Singapore, edit the interview within minutes, and it can be in the news bulletin or newspaper website in Singapore within the hour.  We can alert journalists in various countries that a news clip or interview from one of their nations delegates is being uploaded.