Podcasts & Films

DVDLet us bring your next project to life!  With our Podcasts and DVDs you can produce an entertaining, sustainable film about your latest product or service, your annual report or a morale boosting talk to staff.

Hand Made DVDs and Podcasts are expertly produced, beautifully filmed and creatively edited.

Projects are tailor-made to suit all budgets from simple interviews to multi-location filming.  They are perfect for getting your message across on your company website, at your Reception, at client meetings or sharing your vision with staff.

We can create amazing graphics to illustrate company results or create a ‘virtual studio’ effect.  Click the screens to see how we could help you.

We can provide a full translation service and subtitling in a range of languages.  In the film you can see just above here, we had subtitles in around 8 different languages.  We can do that for you.  Imagine an internal video for your staff across your global office portfolio.  Subtitles in various native tongues is both effective and makes staff in their own country feel included.  Just an example of how this service might help you.

Our audio podcast service is particularly useful at big events and conferences, where we can interview Key Opinion Leaders and send the edited audio to radio stations across the world and relevant websites.  Do visit our Conference Facilitation and Conference Facilitation tab to find out much more about this service.

For CEOs or Chairs who would like to introduce their own podcast we provide TV presentation training to ensure they get their message across in a professional manner.