Presentation Skills

Presentation trainingPresentation is about communication.  From making a speech at a conference, to pitching to a new client or addressing your staff,  standing in front of an audience can be daunting.

Don’t worry!  Our training sessions take the fear out of presentations and put you in the driving seat as you stand on that podium or address that meeting.

Based on our years of experience in broadcasting, we help you learn tips and techniques to hone your skills.

The course looks at body language, use of language, tone of voice and how to “use the room”.  We’ll help you identify your key messages, which are the main focus of any good speech.  Many presentations end with question and answer sessions, and there are techniques to make them a success too.

We also look at props and when and where to use the dreaded Powerpoint and when NOT to!

Our delegates tell us that they’ve used the terrific skills learnt on our course in various walks of life.  Some say they’ve even used them to cope better with family disputes!

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