What Clients Say

what clients say

Yes, we were very pleased. My colleague, Brydie, who was present on the day thought the session was well structured, informative and in line with our own aims and objectives. The candidate feedback was excellent. All the candidates rated the quality of the trainers as excellent at 10.

Thank you to everyone involved your end for providing really high quality training.

Amanda Nash, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

The practical session improved my understanding of the media as it has given me an understanding of what the journalist has in their mind.
CEO European-based Oil Company 

I had the opportunity to co-operate with Adam Kirtley in my capacity as President elect of the European Society of Cardiology from September 1, 2010 until August 31, 2012.

Our cooperation included Media training and communications support as well as video interviews related to my activities in the ESC.

I must confess that his creative thinking and invaluable advice have contributed substantially in the performance of my duties. He undoubtedly helped me develop and refine my key messages ahead of significant events and also gave me further confidence of my ability to deliver effective interviews. With his friendly and welcoming manner, Mr. Kirtley was able to create a relaxing atmosphere, dramatically enhancing my experience and making even the hardest moments in these courses tolerable.

Mr. Adam Kirtley has also attended our annual Congress, briefing the Chairs and panel members and assisting with the stage management. Furthermore, he has undertaken media training for a number of ESC spokespeople over the past years, all of whom share my opinion on Mr. Kirtley’s outstanding professionalism and support.

I am convinced that our cooperation will last for years to come.

Panos Vardas, MD, PhD Professor of Cardiology, President of the European Society of Cardiology

Overall, how would you rate the course?

Excellent.  Also helpful in other circumstances when dealing with clients, contacts and other presentations when I need to deliver a particular message.

Paul Brown, associate director, Grant Thornton

10/10 Excellent. Thank you for a really good and informative day.

Karen Keene, Marketing Co-ordinator South East, St John Ambulance

Having attended media training a few years ago, I found that experience rather dull, very serious and didn’t inspire confidence. This training with Adam was completely the opposite and has proved to me that the training can be made enjoyable whilst conveying the importance of how to deal with the media.

Helen Allen, Director of Workforce Development, NHS Plymouth

Adam was able to bring a ‘real life’ situation into a mock interview which I thought was interesting in a good way. It was evident that Adam was a seasoned operator in the industry and was up to date with interviewing techniques.

Vasu Majumdar, Associate Director Grant Thornton

Adam, the trainer, was excellent and knew the organisation rather well.

John Brett, Education Officer, Cats Protection

What did you find most useful about the course?

Real life scenarios; Experienced trainers who knew their turf

Claire Higdon, Chief operating officer NHS Dorset

It was all invaluable – frank, open & honest. Adam had a real passion for being there, genuinely loved his subject. Never been on a course like it.  Nothing wasn’t of value. Absolutely nothing negative to say.  I would do this every year though at my level just to improve and develop.  Outstanding – I sang along to the radio all the way home.

Tanya Burchell,  Head of Operations, South West Cats Protection